Kinin Vape Pen Review

Kinin Vape Pen Review

We tried the Kinin Vitamin Vape Pen for a week and here is our review:

“Kinin is looking to become the Juul of the holistic vape industry. They’ve pretty much copied the design and use a similar pod system. And they have the potential to do it based on the quality of the product. The pods are great and the quality of the vitamins and oils used are quite high. The atomizer is one of the best we’ve tried and the airflow is amazing. We really dig the design (can’t go wrong when you look so much like Juul). The only qualm we have is with the price. at $75, this is a premium product and will be out of the price range of most people. However, you  do get pods when you purchase, so it’s not just the cost of the pen.”

Herbva Viva Vape Pen Review

Herbva Vape Pen Review

We spent a week with the Herbva Viva Vape Pen and here is our review:

“The Herbva is a superior dry herb vape pen. It has a great atomizer and amazing airflow. However, it is a bit larger than other dry herb vape pens on the market. It also isn’t the cheapest option. But if you’re looking for a high quality product that you know was manufactured correctly and will provide you with a consistent vape for your dry herbs, then Herbva is a great option for you.”

510 Vape Pen Review

510 Vape Pen Review

We spent a week trying out the 510 Vape Pen and here is our review:

“First off, the pen in question is a 510 thread vape pen. It’s not a traditional branded vape pen, but rather a battery unit that can work with many different atomizers. The battery has great life, it can be charged in many different ways, and it provides some flexibility or backup for your main vaping pen. We really liked the sleek design and lightweight feel. We know some people are diehards for the larger battery units that require little charging, but when you want to be discreet with your vaping, the 510 vape pen is the way to go.”

V2 Vape Pen Review

V2 Vape Pen Review

We spent a week with the V2 Vape Pen and here is our review:

“Well, unless you live in Canada or one of the cannabis legal states in the US, you’re probably not going to get a lot of use out of the V2 Vape pen… are you? You little scoundrel… don’t worry, we won’t tell.

But seriously, we’re talking about an amazing dry herb vape pen in the V2. The battery life is great, the design, while blocky, is still great. The atomizer and airflow are top quality. All in all, it’s a phenomenal dry herb vape pen. Our only qualm with the pen is that the manufacturer’s customer service kind of sucks. But as long as you don’t need to do a return, you won’t run into any issues.”

Smok Vape Pen 22 Review

Smok Vape Pen 22 Review

We tried the Smok Vape Pen 22 for one week, and here was our review:

“Look, this isn’t the greatest vape pen. It’s not even in the top 10. But it’s a great starter pen, with a lot of options, and it’s cheap. And that’s really the defining factors of the Smok Vape Pen 22. It’s not meant to be the best, it’s meant to be the most affordable and give you a lot of options. Because of this, you’ve probably seen them on a lot of high school and college campuses. We’re not snobs though, so we like that it does what it’s supposed to do well. The atomizer and airflow do leave something to be desired, but with the clunky style, they were able to get a big battery in there and thus the battery life is great.”

Nutrovape Focus Inhaler Vape Pen Review

Nutrovape Focus Inhaler Vape Pen Review

We tried the Nutrovape Focus inhaler for one week, and here is our review:

“Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Great taste, great design, great effects. Yeah, it’s a running joke with Nutrovape, they make great products and then we review them as if there is a chance they haven’t made a great pen. Again, we do have qualms with the liquids not being available for other pens, and therefore we’re forced to use the one-time use pens, which just can’t be good for the environment when you consider the quality of the product.”

Nutrovape Relax Inhaler Vape Pen Review

Nutrovape Relax Inhaler Review

We tried the Nutrovape Relax Inhaler Vape Pen for one week and here is our review:

“As with all of the Nutrovape products, the design is great. The vitamins in this pen are of great quality because you can feel the relaxing effects very quickly. The vanilla flavor was a great touch for this relaxing pen. In terms of airflow and quality of build, and atomizer,  both are good, but they’re also what you’d expect from a one-time use pen. With the amount of waste that is created from each one-time use pen, we’d love to see brands like Nutrovape start introducing their fluid for other vape pen use.”

Nutrovape Energy Inhaler Review

Nutrovape energy inhaler review

We tried the Nutrovape Energy Inhaler vape pen and here is our review:

“We loved the red design of the Nutrovape inhaler. We’ve discussed before how the vitamin vape pens seem to sacrifice design for price, but they definitely didn’t do that here. The taste is okay. We could feel the effects quickly, so the vitamins seem to be of high-quality. The price is also one of the best out there for the quality of the vape pen and vitamins.”

GOClouds Vapors B12 Review

GOClouds Vapor b12 Review

We tried the GOClouds Vapors B12 Vape Pen for one week, and here was our review:

“We really liked the design of the GOClouds Vapors B12 Pen. Usually the vitamin pens choose cheesy colors but the slick black design is great for this pen. The vitamins they use are high-quality because you can feel the boost pretty quickly with this pen. The taste is okay, but not great. The airflow and quality of the pen are good as well. Best of all, they also give a discount if you purchase 3 at a time. You can find that package deal here: “

Breathe B12 Vape

Breathe b12 Vape Review

We tried the Breathe B12 Vape Vape Pen for one week and here was our review:

“First off, don’t let the price scare you. You get three pens in one when you order the Breathe B12 Vape Pens. This puts it on par with competitors like Vitamin Vape. The design does leave something to be desired. You get one color option and we’re not a huge fan of the blue they chose. The airflow is great and the taste is good. You can really feel the boost that the B12 gives you with this pen, so it appears that they’re using superior quality vitamins.”