Herbva Viva Vape Pen Review

Herbva Vape Pen Review

We spent a week with the Herbva Viva Vape Pen and here is our review:

“The Herbva is a superior dry herb vape pen. It has a great atomizer and amazing airflow. However, it is a bit larger than other dry herb vape pens on the market. It also isn’t the cheapest option. But if you’re looking for a high quality product that you know was manufactured correctly and will provide you with a consistent vape for your dry herbs, then Herbva is a great option for you.”

V2 Vape Pen Review

V2 Vape Pen Review

We spent a week with the V2 Vape Pen and here is our review:

“Well, unless you live in Canada or one of the cannabis legal states in the US, you’re probably not going to get a lot of use out of the V2 Vape pen… are you? You little scoundrel… don’t worry, we won’t tell.

But seriously, we’re talking about an amazing dry herb vape pen in the V2. The battery life is great, the design, while blocky, is still great. The atomizer and airflow are top quality. All in all, it’s a phenomenal dry herb vape pen. Our only qualm with the pen is that the manufacturer’s customer service kind of sucks. But as long as you don’t need to do a return, you won’t run into any issues.”